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Burma Soldier debuts on HBO2

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Myo Myint. © 2011 John Gevers.

After much anticipation, the new documentary about Myo Myint’s life debuts on HBO2 this Wednesday, May 18, at 8:00 pm EST.

The compelling documentary chronicles this Burmese man’s journey from being a soldier to incurring life-changing injuries on the war front to rethinking his position on Burma’s civil war to demonstrating for change in his country’s one-party rule system to being arrested, tortured, and imprisoned for a total of 15 years to fleeing for a refugee camp, to reuniting with other family by resettling in Fort Wayne, Indiana, as a political refugee. And he continues his fight for civil rights and freedom in his nativeland from his new homeland.

Myo Myint. © 2011 John Gevers.

This important new HBO documentary is A LeBrocquy Fraser/Break Thru Films Production. It is directed by Nic Dunlop, Annie Sundberg, and Ricki Stern; written by Annie Sundberg and Nic Dunlop; and produced by Julie LeBrocquy.

Additional air dates on HBO2 — all EST:
May 27 at 11:00 pm
May 31 at 2:15 pm
June 5 at 3:30 pm

Myo Myint. © 2011 John Gevers.

It was deemed best to make the Fort Wayne premiere of the movie an invitation-only event, and in preparation for that and the film’s HBO debut, Myo Myint provided interviews with local media. If you’ve missed the publications and airings, they are online at:
The Fort Wayne Reader
The Fort Wayne News-Sentinel
Northeast Indiana Public Radio 89.1 FM
The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
Indiana’s NewsCenter
Indiana’s NewsCenter’s INsight
WANE-TV News Channel 15
The Fort Wayne Monthly Magazine

Myo Myint and army jacket. © 2011 John Gevers.

Many thanks to local journalists Mike Summers, Ellie Bogue, Phil Shaull, Emilie Henry, Kim Meiser, John Hartman, Adam Widener, John Davis, and Bonnie Blackburn (in order of stories appearing) for providing such good local coverage.
jis zu theim bah deh
That’s “thank you” in Burmese.

Bonnie Blackburn and Myo Myint. © 2011 John Gevers.

Ellie Bogue and Myo Myint. © 2011 John Gevers.

Myo Myint and Phil Shaull. © 2011 John Gevers.

Steve Penhollow and Myo Myint. © 2011 John Gevers.

Emilie Henry, Myo Myint, and Kim Meiser. © 2011 John Gevers.

John Hartman, Emilie Henry, Myo Myint. © 2011 John Gevers

Adam Widener and Myo Myint. © 2011 John Gevers

John Davis and Myo Myint. © 2011 John Gevers.

The birth of a documentary exhibition

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Much of what makes the United States of America great is her tradition of welcoming immigrants, especially those fleeing troubled lands. In fact, the U.S. was founded by immigrants who sought a better existence. Most all American citizens are descendents of immigrants, and we make up a rich land of varied peoples thanks to America’s open arms.

It is this American tradition of welcoming people from other countries that is the focus of Yearning to Breathe Free, a documentary exhibition now in production. However, rather than an historical retelling of immigration in the U.S., the focus is on how current immigrants and refugees are being welcomed in today’s post 9/11 climate — in northern Indiana, the crossroads of America.

Yearning to Breathe Free is intended to be a compelling collection of images and stories that documents on-going immigration and its impact on the cultural health of the United States and to her reputation in the world. It is also intended to improve the lives of immigrants in America by diminishing stigmas that can harm them.

This blog will follow the pre-, pro-, and post-production of creating Yearning to Breathe Free. Here, you will hear from the production’s creator, John Gevers, who is director of photography at NEW MEDIA BREW, Inc., a media arts company based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He will share with you not only the processes, joys, and  challenges of such an undertaking as it happens, but he will also use this forum to provide advance stories, images, audio, and video as they are collected.

Your comments, questions, and ideas are welcomed, but please be civil.