About the producer

Yearning to Breathe Free is produced by John Gevers, the founder and director of photography at NEW MEDIA BREW, Inc., a media arts production company based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is a graduate of the Indiana University School of Journalism and is the recipient of numerous awards for documentary exhibitions and video productions. For more information, please visit http://www.newmediabrew.com

4 Responses to “About the producer”

  1. You work on this “Yearning to be Free” project has had a very personal touch to it and I’ve enjoyed reading it and watching it. I was routed to your site and project from the article in the Ft.Wayne Reader.
    I am a professional spanish interpreter and work alongside other burmese interpreters who have helped me a great deal in feeding my curiosity on the Burmese culture by being open and discussing their personal stories with me.
    I personally didn’t have the luxury of experimenting with majors in college for my dream vocation, but I do admire your profession and your work and I’ve found that often times the best way to preview a profession is by volunteering.
    That said, I’d like to offer my humble services for any help you may need in the production of “Yearning to be Free” whether it be carrying equipment or whatever. I just think it would be a creat coupling of my interests and an opportunity to learn more.

    Best of luck!

    • Gus,

      Thank you for your comments. I appreciate them very much and especially appreciate your interest in the possibility of assisting. I will follow up with more thoughts to the email address for you provided when I was notified of your comment posting.

      Thanks again,


  2. Mr. Gevers,
    I really enjoyed viewing the video on Daung. She and I attended school together. I have viewed some of your videos and photographs. I would like to see more. I just realized today that you are Bob Gever’s brother. My dad Brian Tracey works with him. Congratulations on your great work.
    Benjamin Tracey

    • yearningtobreathefree Says:

      Thank you for watching Daung’s video and for your positive comments. I am a fan of your classmate, Daung, and her entire family. Your father’s office is right next to my office and studio. If you ever are up to visit, please give my door a knock. I appreciate your manners, but feel free to call me, “John.” Thank you for your interest in “Yearning to Breathe Free.” By the way, primary website is: http://www.johngevers.com
      Kind regards,

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