Some days one step forward, two steps back

Earlier this year, I created a 10-minute video introduction to my documentary, Yearning to Breathe Free, that was meant to serve as an overview to the influx of Burmese refugees into northern Indiana. Some of you have been kind to watch the rough cut of it for me to provide your valuable feedback. A couple of you have translated the voiceover so that we could add Burmese subtitles onscreen. Thank you all.

I have waited many months for a reply from a musician and his recording company about whether I would be given permission to use his song to which I had edited and timed the video. It’s a very appropriate and compelling song, and I felt quite confident that, given the worthy non-commercial cause of helping refugees assimilate, I would be given permission.

On Friday I learned that my request has been flat out denied. Although very disappointed to be thrown back to square one in this endeavor, I am grateful for the expert services of MeitusGelbertRose law firm in Indianapolis who volunteered to pursue the music rights. Such service to the film industry is the firm’s specialty and they couldn’t have been more helpful. Unfortunately, “yeses” aren’t always received from musicians.

Therefore, for those of you hoping to use my overview piece in the near future for speaker bureaus and events to increase awareness of our refugees, I’m sorry that my video won’t be available to you to use. Please stay tuned for whatever the next chapter becomes in this on-going endeavor. I hope for a documentary exhibition in Fort Wayne during the fall of 2012.

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