Burma soldier turned opposition supporter speaks out on Burma election


Myo Myint. © 2010 John Gevers. All rights reserved.

The former soldier from the Burmese military regime about whom I write on this blog (see Feb. 28, 2010 entry below) had his thoughts on Burma’s elections published in the UK’s Guardian. I only recently ran across it and wanted you to have a chance to read Myo Myint’s take on things in his troubled homeland. The documentary about his life, entitled “Burma Soldier,” will air on HBO in May and, hopefully, a debut of the film will occur locally in his town of resettlement, Fort Wayne, Indiana, shortly before. Dates will be announced here when known.

The link to the article in the Guardian is below:



2 Responses to “Burma soldier turned opposition supporter speaks out on Burma election”

  1. Dear John
    It is perfect,wonderful.
    I have nothing to say you.
    Thank again
    Your respectfully

  2. Gregory Fryzel Says:


    I will not quote accurately, I’m afraid, but when Myo Myint says that he doesn’t have his hand (leg?), but he still has his mind, I realized that I know nothing of suffering. And then, later in the video, the horrible line: “…and they raped her all night.” I think of rape as a singular act, but for these people, rape has been an endless torture.

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