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What do you think of the News-Sentinel editorial?

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The Fort Wayne newspaper, News-Sentinel, recently printed an editorial about our city’s population of legal immigrants. That would include those of refugee status who have been given a new home because their home country isn’t safe or fit for them to make a life in any longer. The short editorial raises some questions to consider so I’d like to encourage you to read it at the link below and then add your thoughts, please, to the comments section of this blog post. Please remember to return to this page to post your comments here in this forum after reading the editorial. You may also want to post in the comments section under the newspaper’s editorial.

Please remember that civility rules on this blog and I will not publish a post that is mean spirited. I value your participation if it constructively adds to our city’s consideration of immigration and refugee resettlement.

You’ll find the editorial online at:


Burma soldier turned opposition supporter speaks out on Burma election

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Myo Myint. © 2010 John Gevers. All rights reserved.

The former soldier from the Burmese military regime about whom I write on this blog (see Feb. 28, 2010 entry below) had his thoughts on Burma’s elections published in the UK’s Guardian. I only recently ran across it and wanted you to have a chance to read Myo Myint’s take on things in his troubled homeland. The documentary about his life, entitled “Burma Soldier,” will air on HBO in May and, hopefully, a debut of the film will occur locally in his town of resettlement, Fort Wayne, Indiana, shortly before. Dates will be announced here when known.

The link to the article in the Guardian is below:

Karen celebrate New Year in Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Karen traditional dance

Click here for video of Karen traditional dance.

The Karen people from Burma in this video, many of whom are refugees and who now call Fort Wayne, Indiana ‘home,’ gathered on January 30, 2011, to celebrate their New Year. This video showcases their traditional dance and music.

The 2:40-minute video is part of “Yearning to Breathe Free,” a documentary exhibition produced by John Gevers and NEW MEDIA BREW, Inc. It is copyrighted and all rights are reserved.

Still photographs from the video:

Karen traditional dance

Karen traditional dance

Karen traditional dance

Karen traditional dance